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v19887.62019-01-14 at 17:45seniorblitzTokubetsu Sousa ★ Micchaku 24-jiHaven't played the game but considering the amount of routes and the colossal amount of side stories, It probably surpasses the 2 hour Mark easily.
r61049.12018-12-15 at 14:26seniorblitzHiveswap Friendsim - Volume Eighteen+1
v23002.22018-12-02 at 14:55seniorblitzSilent Hill: Shattered Memories Fanmade+1
r60812.12018-12-01 at 01:23seniorblitzHiveswap Friendsim - Volume Seventeen+1
c64479.92018-11-26 at 18:56seniorblitzIochi Mizuki+1
v21002.92018-11-17 at 15:43seniorblitzDanganronpa Team+1
v21266.122018-11-16 at 18:13seniorblitzCamp Buddy+1
v6438.672018-11-10 at 23:46seniorblitzD.C. III ~Da Capo III~Reverse relation
v24351.82018-11-10 at 23:45seniorblitzD.C.4 ~Da Capo 4~Pretty self-explanatory.
r60552.12018-11-10 at 17:14seniorblitzHiveswap Friendsim - Volume SixteenAdded
c77026.22018-11-06 at 23:00seniorblitzAll Might+1
v6503.42018-10-28 at 02:42seniorblitzLoopsReverse relation.
v24466.32018-10-28 at 02:41seniorblitzJarupon!Fandisc, shares characters, setting, etc.
r60354.22018-10-27 at 02:48seniorblitzHiveswap Friendsim - Volume FifteenFixed
r60354.12018-10-27 at 02:48seniorblitzHiveswap Friendsim - Volume FifteenAddes
c39261.82018-10-20 at 20:43seniorblitzKishima KoumaHe is one of the antagonists in KG
r60135.12018-10-13 at 02:25seniorblitzHiveswap Friendsim - Volume FourteenAdded
r59929.12018-09-29 at 15:47seniorblitzHiveswap Friendsim - Volume ThirteenAdded
c26576.22018-09-16 at 13:18seniorblitzNicole+2
r59592.12018-09-16 at 00:25seniorblitzHiveswap Friendsim - Volume TwelveAdded
r59589.22018-09-16 at 00:23seniorblitzHiveswap Friendsim - Volume Elevenfixed
r59588.52018-09-16 at 00:23seniorblitzHiveswap Friendsim - Volume Tenfixed
r59588.42018-09-16 at 00:22seniorblitzHiveswap Friendsim - Volume Tenfixed
r59589.12018-09-15 at 17:58seniorblitzHiveswap Friendsim - Volume ElevenAdded
r59588.32018-09-15 at 17:54seniorblitzHiveswap Friendsim - Volume Ten+1
r59588.22018-09-15 at 17:53seniorblitzHiveswap Friendsim - Volume TenFixed
r59588.12018-09-15 at 17:52seniorblitzHiveswap Friendsim - Volume TenAdded
v21725.42018-09-11 at 09:40seniorblitzFate/Grand Husbando+1
c28770.52018-09-06 at 22:34seniorblitzSayoko3+
c15071.72018-08-18 at 01:41seniorblitzKomaki IkunoAdded
r58746.32018-08-17 at 15:42seniorblitzHiveswap Friendsim - Volume Nine1+
r58746.22018-08-17 at 15:41seniorblitzHiveswap Friendsim - Volume Nine+1
r58746.12018-08-17 at 15:40seniorblitzHiveswap Friendsim - Volume NineAdded
v23670.62018-08-04 at 21:19seniorblitzKyokugen Dasshutsu Toki no JirenmaFixed
v23670.52018-08-04 at 21:19seniorblitzKyokugen Dasshutsu Toki no JirenmaSequel
v23670.42018-08-04 at 21:18seniorblitzKyokugen Dasshutsu Toki no JirenmaAliases
v23670.32018-08-04 at 20:26seniorblitzKyokugen Dasshutsu Toki no JirenmaImage
v23403.32018-07-14 at 16:47seniorblitzUnder Night In-Birth+1
v12020.62018-07-07 at 14:50seniorblitzSolstice+1
c6508.162018-07-03 at 19:07seniorblitzKizami Yuuya+1
c4701.152018-06-22 at 19:06seniorblitzSaren+1
c15564.112018-06-22 at 19:06seniorblitzElenor+1
r57466.52018-06-22 at 14:28seniorblitzFUN! in the playgroundAdded
r57466.42018-06-19 at 19:32seniorblitzFUN! in the playgroundAdded
r57466.32018-06-19 at 19:28seniorblitzFUN! in the playgroundAdded
r57466.22018-06-19 at 19:27seniorblitzFUN! in the playgroundFixed
r57466.12018-06-19 at 19:27seniorblitzFUN! in the playgroundAdded
v23226.12018-06-19 at 19:26seniorblitzFUN! in the playgroundAdded.
c8296.132018-06-09 at 20:44seniorblitzSaeki Ryuuji+2
c21793.72018-06-09 at 20:31seniorblitzGenji Tadano+1
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