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t11506.52018-11-12A little bit disappointedThe SoL in Fate is pretty terrible tbh, probably the reason I have such a love/hate relationship with this particular VN.
t11498.82018-11-10No Sexual Content Tag, Potential SpoilerPretty much what #7 described.
t11498.62018-11-10No Sexual Content Tag, Potential SpoilerThey voted for It because It doesn't appear on-screen so the tag still applies, if There are more explicit descriptions the "Text Only Sex" applies
t11314.672018-11-05Could otome games help to better understand women?I know you're joking but that is a scary thought. O.o
t11470.42018-11-04Would you kindly...About the M.protag for a short time, I don't really know, I think It still applies If the temporary protag is another male character, different from
t11470.22018-11-03Would you kindly...'Kay mate, sorry just kind did it on impulse kek, I'll revoke the incorrect tags, if you know any other VN I tagged incorrectly, notify me.
t3617.15432018-11-03Tags suggestions/fixesOnly One Bad Ending should also be under Multiple Endings. Oyaji Protagonist should also be under Adult Protagonist and Male Protagonist. About the
t3617.15312018-11-02Tags suggestions/fixesAlbino Heroine should also be under White Haired Heroine, since for a heroine to be an "Albino" they need to have white hair in the first place (same
t3617.15302018-10-27Tags suggestions/fixesShouldn't Friendship Ending and Friendship Route also be under Friendship?
t11429.32018-10-27R18 ContentI can understand playing RPG only for the plot, since I know some cases where the story is very good but the gameplay is kind meh, but Moege for ero
t3617.15292018-10-20Tags suggestions/fixesThanks.
t3617.15272018-10-20Tags suggestions/fixesBtw asking a question, does Multiple Protagonists apply If other characters take the lead in the omakes but the main game still only have one protag?
t3617.15242018-10-18Tags suggestions/fixesI mean there a lot of novels that apply to the tag bit aren't necessairly mystery like Himawari (for that reason downvoted recently because of that
t3617.15222018-10-17Tags suggestions/fixesBtw gonna request a sligth alteration to Multiple Route Mystery again since there is still some users that take the desc literally (talked to a user
t11391.12018-10-17Why tou?link Just wanna know since It is pretty clear Himawari applies.
t3617.15192018-10-15Tags suggestions/fixesBtw Only One Bad Ending should also be under Multiple Endings Edit: Oyaji Protagonist should also be under Adult Protagonist and Male Protagonist.
t3617.15182018-10-15Tags suggestions/fixesHero with Visible Underwear is probably very underused tbh, I think there are more heroes like this, also It is one of those cases where It is nice
t3617.15162018-10-14Tags suggestions/fixes#1511 The irony kek. But yeah Shizuku-likes would be more accurate since even the name is inspired by the sound waves ("Denpa") that are a plot
t3617.15092018-10-13Tags suggestions/fixesI'm against the removal of Denpa, I just think the desc. needs to be modified to be less vague in some parts, I don't think the description is as
t3617.14892018-10-12Tags suggestions/fixesA group of 3 for WKTD and 4 main protagonists that are split into groups 'cause of the setting.
t3617.14872018-10-11Tags suggestions/fixesWe Know The Devil fits your desc. Also Corpse Party somewhat since some chapters have two or more characters as the single pov.
t7442.5042018-10-06Game inclusion in the DBI'm against removing 1bitHeart or it's sequel, the game has barely any puzzles and even the map sections are mainly used as a way to quickly reach
t3617.14132018-09-25Tags suggestions/fixesOtoko no Ko and Tomgirl should be aliases of the Trap tag tbh, people also use Tomgirl to refer to traps and Otoko no Ko is literally trap in JP.
t3617.14042018-09-22Tags suggestions/fixesAlso yeah only uke/seme heroes is pretty underused, I Was going to take a look at the protagonist tags but I don't feel like examining and tagging
t3617.14032018-09-22Tags suggestions/fixes@leery Oh well, that works 2 kek.
t3617.13872018-09-12Tags suggestions/fixesProtagonist's Mother as a Heroine shouldn't be considered a meta-tag since Protagonist's Father as a Hero isn't, it should just be a normal tag. EDIT
t11201.52018-09-09Great yuri incest VNA bad end doesn't need to be short/less valuable to be a Bad End, two of these routes are Yandere Endings, I would certainly wouldn't call them "good
t10589.42018-08-27Sudden Change of Heart (?)Btw Unlockable Hero(ine) description changed because of complaints from other users, now Cinderella Phenomenon applies to It.
t11119.72018-08-27How does the multiple MCs work?It is not a harem VN.
t7442.4822018-08-26Game inclusion in the DBTbh the gameplay is pretty sporadic só It is hard to classify TD, sometimes you spend most of the time Reading, And the gameplay can vary from a 30
t11119.22018-08-26How does the multiple MCs work?There are no heroine routes, only one "Normal" end route and a good one that unlocks after. And also the bad ends. From What I gather the story
t7442.4742018-08-25Game inclusion in the DBTbh I don't know why TD was deleted in the first place, I'm with Eacil here, while I haven't finished the game yet, the "gameplay" is mainly used as
t3617.13502018-08-12Tags suggestions/fixesI tried to explain Ladder Structure in the simplest way I could tbh, I mainly requested It since I thought there were more than enough games with
t3617.13392018-08-10Tags suggestions/fixes>Anal Rape should be a child tag of Anal Sex. I meant that if the VN has anal rape, it already has a form of anal sex, but considering rape is a
t11021.22018-08-05Non-blood-related Father HeroRevoked
t3617.13262018-08-01Tags suggestions/fixesOyaji Hero should be child tag of Adult Hero, since for a character to be an older man they have to be an adult in the first place.
t3617.13212018-07-31Tags suggestions/fixesI think some tweaking should be done to the Multiple Route Mystery tag, the first line is just fine, but, the second... "This is different from
t11003.32018-07-31Steins;Gate/Fata Morgana not MRMPeople pretty much use MRM by any game that hás some kind plot info split into Multiple Endings by this point (not nécessairly routes), but I get
t11003.12018-07-30Steins;Gate/Fata Morgana not MRMSo don't wanna start a discussion over a tag, but doesn't SG and Fata have Multiple Route Mystery elements? I mainly Tagged them like that since a
t3617.13142018-07-30Tags suggestions/fixesAnal Rape should be a child tag of Anal Sex.
t3617.13052018-07-27Tags suggestions/fixesMy second attempt at the "Ladder Structure" tag, I hope I explained it better this time. There are actually a good amount of VNs with this type of
t10982.42018-07-26Trans on Male?Thanks for the info persons.
t10982.12018-07-26Trans on Male?Does anyone know if it actually happens or is it just mistaged? I look at the entire gallery and I couldn't find a CG with it.
t3617.12842018-07-23Tags suggestions/fixesBtw I think "Choices from other perspectives" should also be filed under "other perspectives".
t3617.12572018-07-01Tags suggestions/fixesI actually have to agree with the above post, the tag is quiete missleading, like It still applies to VNs like Ren'ai Hakyoku Ukeoinin where most of
t10747.32018-06-02Tags missing ?I need to rewrite the description of the Ladder-Style tag since it implies that the game only applies if it has a "True" route, which ended up making
t3617.11952018-05-23Tags suggestions/fixesCan you mods delete the Ladder-Style Structure tag, I know It is still waiting for aprovall, but I Think I need to reformulate the description, since
t10654.22018-05-15Tag QuestionIf there story is mostly the same up until the ending choices It can still be considered linear plot, since most of the plot structure is still
t10589.32018-05-14Sudden Change of Heart (?)Ah okay, so It Was my bad. Kek.
t10489.112018-05-08Unlockable routes?Makes Sense, tou techinicaly speak you can end up with a male character in a game where most of the love interests are female. Só It does apply to