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t11745.22018-12-31Not!Aokana?Just from glance I wouldn't call it a total rip-off, but both of the "main heroines" being pink-haired genki transfer students who love the sport
t11724.32018-12-28About the naked traitsAh alright, that makes sense, I think they cover enough scenes so they're fine as they are. Yeah I just wanted to be sure. :D Guess Giga really
t11724.12018-12-26About the naked traitsWhen you add either of the Naked traits, do you add them because the girls aren't wearing any clothes during sex, or do you add them for the "nude
t9394.92018-12-23Fate/Grand Orderthere are emulators for phones too but those are mainly for classic/retro games. :P
t11685.22018-12-19DisappointmentSo it sounds like onomatope*Raspberry is still doing the same ever since the first game, lol. They just give them all these traits/fetishes/weird
t3314.16252018-12-15Traits^Iirc Gokkun can be used for that.
t11654.122018-12-15English TL dead@6 I'm surprised there are even VN translations in my language (especially considering the English patch for one of the games came like 3 years later
t11645.532018-12-14Once again, Arunaru ruins another translation...#47 i got you my fam link
t2108.26082018-12-13Candidates for deletionMomochi Ruka = Sanada Akane's alias (link) (also bringing up my old post, in case a mod didn't see it): After looking through many gameplay videos
t3314.16082018-12-13TraitsNipple Teasing not marked as sexual content.
t11519.82018-12-13What's with you?Ayyy no problem at all, I like helping people out with their grammar and spelling even tho I'm an ESL and shit at English myself, lol. :P
t3314.15982018-12-11Traits@1597 Bukkake implies a BIT more than just a facial. :P If she squirts then just add the Female Ejaculation trait.
t3314.15872018-12-10TraitsSchool Occult Club President should be under School Occult Club Member and not School Extraordinary Club President. Erotic Massage isn't marked as
t1052.2202018-12-10Quotes question...D.S. -Dal Segno- "It is my role as a man to bestow my love onto all life. I will delve into study, if love demands it."
t11620.62018-12-10Lost visual novelslink - author said they'd keep it after April Fool's but killed it when they also deleted their Twitter.
t2108.25902018-11-27Candidates for deletionAfter looking through many gameplay videos and reading a few reviews too, Utawarerumono Zan is NOT a visual novel, it's pretty much a Senran Kagura
t8242.1742018-11-26The how to edit thread#172 Yeah it's rape, rape always doesn't mean forcing your dick in the ass or pussy.
t11545.72018-11-21Bara>Just as the guys don't need to look ultra femine to be considered Yaoi Since when was yaoi a body type?
t11532.62018-11-18anyone playing this?#5 At one point you did need to use one, but I've been able to get there without using a VPN/proxy nowadays and just like in the past which is weird.
t11519.62018-11-16What's with you?Why am I deleting the brackets saying which character calls that character by X nickname? Look around other character profiles. Do they specify that
t11519.42018-11-14What's with you?What part of "The descriptions that were there before you started editing were 100% fine" in my first message to you in t11495 did you not understand
t2108.25752018-11-13Candidates for deletion^iirc I took the alias info out from here (link). I do remember seeing one fandisc where the seiyuu had voiced two different characters from two
t11495.102018-11-12Some adviceYorhel and dk382 beat me to it but yeah. Even if you wrote them you don't own those descriptions, they're there for the community to edit. The fact
t11495.12018-11-10Some adviceFirst of all, how is c6158.24 me "sticking my nose into other people's business" or doing "stupid BS", especially when I've been editing Hoshimemo's
t11461.152018-11-04Kickstarter for PS3 version ... and English dub>people instantly asking "oh btw is there gonna be a switch version?" Went and listened to the preview they had for the dub. It sounded okay but I
t2108.25532018-10-29Candidates for deletionNitta Yuuha = Kimiko Koyama's alias (link) Another one: Taiza Ringo is Gotou Mai's alias (link)
t11431.142018-10-29Kumoricon announcements@11-13 Oh boy, that makes me even less excited for Eternal Heart's translation (whenever they do manage to push it out) and actually a bit afraid.
t11431.102018-10-28Kumoricon announcementsPretty neat selection, I've wanted to play Iroseka for a long time. Also @2, Sekai managed to fuck up Hoshimemo's translation even more?
t2108.25502018-10-26Candidates for deletions10935 is Murata Ayano's alias (link)
t11381.82018-10-20Fullscreen?Fullscreen on my laptop while windowed on my main computer because the screen for that is a 42 inch TV which pretty much rapes the quality of any VN
t11401.42018-10-20Why is the fact that benioI wouldn't really call it cheating in the end because they knew Haru is the slutty meido (considering one of her hobbies is also having sex) and she
t2108.25222018-10-05Candidates for deletionUtsuki Misao one of Yamamura Hibiku's aliases (link)
t11310.262018-09-30We're alive!happy happy party~
t2108.25152018-09-30Candidates for deletionHanesaki Mio feels like a pointless instance considering it's just minor appearance changes.
t2108.24972018-09-24Candidates for deletionlink OguYui's new alias
t2108.24732018-09-07Candidates for deletionMont Blanc is Yamamoto Nozomi's alias, nice link
t2108.24612018-08-28Candidates for deletionpasted this into the wrong thread at first, but anyway!! :P Yoshinaka Ai = Matsudaira Minaho's other alias link
t950.5002018-08-28VNDB Suggestions!sorry, wrong thread ^^;
t11131.22018-08-28Regarding some characters of Green GreenAh, it's not me who tagged those, it was the original creator who did that. I just added two traits to her so I have no idea.
t10715.62018-05-29No story modes?It's as you speculated dk382, I added them back when they were announced since I thought they'd have the same stuff as P4D. I can't 100% remember the
t2108.23502018-05-28Candidates for deletionSezaikado Aoi one of Nakamura Eriko's new aliases. (link) And Shigure Shouko's another one of Mai Gotou's. (link)
t9560.962018-04-05Does not belong here#84 If Persona 4 Arena qualifies as a Visual Novel, things like FGO should do too. You have not played said VN, have you? The story modes, the each
t9560.682018-04-04Does not belong here^This pretty much, I haven't seen a single F/GO cap or video where they show any narration. Also why play the gachage with one of the most garbage
t2108.22872018-04-03Candidates for deletionMaLiA is actually Shintoki Asami's old alias (link).
t2108.22802018-03-20Candidates for deletionIs this really a VN? Seems just like another AA2 except with more animations based on the official page at least.
t10302.22018-02-28Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadAlright, I'll take the lead and first strike. v21002 has two votes, one public and the other hidden. Game's not out yet and those votes have
t10221.42018-02-23Rensou Relation...And in the same page there's a CG of him having a dick and in the next one no dick.
t2108.22512018-02-12Candidates for deletionalias of Maeda Kei (source: link).
t10221.22018-02-03Rensou RelationPoint me out to the CG you're referring to, because Ryou's official description says "外見的には線の細い美少年で、振る舞いもことごとく可愛らしいため、ほとんどの人間が女性と勘違いする。" Loosely
t2108.22152018-01-01Candidates for deletionaccidental dupe, whoops.
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