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t11495.102018-11-12Some adviceYorhel and dk382 beat me to it but yeah. Even if you wrote them you don't own those descriptions, they're there for the community to edit. The fact
t11495.12018-11-10Some adviceFirst of all, how is c6158.24 me "sticking my nose into other people's business" or doing "stupid BS", especially when I've been editing Hoshimemo's
t11461.152018-11-04Kickstarter for PS3 version ... and English dub>people instantly asking "oh btw is there gonna be a switch version?" Went and listened to the preview they had for the dub. It sounded okay but I
t2108.25532018-10-29Candidates for deletionNitta Yuuha = Kimiko Koyama's alias (link) Another one: Taiza Ringo is Gotou Mai's alias (link)
t11431.142018-10-29Kumoricon announcements@11-13 Oh boy, that makes me even less excited for Eternal Heart's translation (whenever they do manage to push it out) and actually a bit afraid.
t11431.102018-10-28Kumoricon announcementsPretty neat selection, I've wanted to play Iroseka for a long time. Also @2, Sekai managed to fuck up Hoshimemo's translation even more?
t2108.25502018-10-26Candidates for deletions10935 is Murata Ayano's alias (link)
t11381.82018-10-20Fullscreen?Fullscreen on my laptop while windowed on my main computer because the screen for that is a 42 inch TV which pretty much rapes the quality of any VN
t11401.42018-10-20Why is the fact that benioI wouldn't really call it cheating in the end because they knew Haru is the slutty meido (considering one of her hobbies is also having sex) and she
t2108.25222018-10-05Candidates for deletionUtsuki Misao one of Yamamura Hibiku's aliases (link)
t11310.262018-09-30We're alive!happy happy party~
t2108.25152018-09-30Candidates for deletionHanesaki Mio feels like a pointless instance considering it's just minor appearance changes.
t2108.24972018-09-24Candidates for deletionlink OguYui's new alias
t2108.24732018-09-07Candidates for deletionMont Blanc is Yamamoto Nozomi's alias, nice link
t2108.24612018-08-28Candidates for deletionpasted this into the wrong thread at first, but anyway!! :P Yoshinaka Ai = Matsudaira Minaho's other alias link
t950.5002018-08-28VNDB Suggestions!sorry, wrong thread ^^;
t11131.22018-08-28Regarding some characters of Green GreenAh, it's not me who tagged those, it was the original creator who did that. I just added two traits to her so I have no idea.
t10715.62018-05-29No story modes?It's as you speculated dk382, I added them back when they were announced since I thought they'd have the same stuff as P4D. I can't 100% remember the
t2108.23502018-05-28Candidates for deletionSezaikado Aoi one of Nakamura Eriko's new aliases. (link) And Shigure Shouko's another one of Mai Gotou's. (link)
t9560.962018-04-05Does not belong here#84 If Persona 4 Arena qualifies as a Visual Novel, things like FGO should do too. You have not played said VN, have you? The story modes, the each
t9560.682018-04-04Does not belong here^This pretty much, I haven't seen a single F/GO cap or video where they show any narration. Also why play the gachage with one of the most garbage
t2108.22872018-04-03Candidates for deletionMaLiA is actually Shintoki Asami's old alias (link).
t2108.22802018-03-20Candidates for deletionIs this really a VN? Seems just like another AA2 except with more animations based on the official page at least.
t10302.22018-02-28Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadAlright, I'll take the lead and first strike. v21002 has two votes, one public and the other hidden. Game's not out yet and those votes have
t10221.42018-02-23Rensou Relation...And in the same page there's a CG of him having a dick and in the next one no dick.
t2108.22512018-02-12Candidates for deletionalias of Maeda Kei (source: link).
t10221.22018-02-03Rensou RelationPoint me out to the CG you're referring to, because Ryou's official description says "外見的には線の細い美少年で、振る舞いもことごとく可愛らしいため、ほとんどの人間が女性と勘違いする。" Loosely
t2108.22152018-01-01Candidates for deletionaccidental dupe, whoops.
t10067.222017-12-27Bring back Hayato, Miki, and Haruhi, and the game!I know you can't reply anymore but I'll still add a final comment. Fucking hell I bet you used your begging and whiny nature even on Sootie (who I
t10067.182017-12-27Bring back Hayato, Miki, and Haruhi, and the game!>I already know it's a game If you can't provide a source other than your own claims, then nope, it's not worthy of an entry. Hey, oh wow look, it's
t10067.142017-12-25Bring back Hayato, Miki, and Haruhi, and the game!How about you answer our questions before I just dismiss you as a troll who wants their fanfiction come true?
t10067.122017-12-25Bring back Hayato, Miki, and Haruhi, and the game!>it's not SHSL Yes it is, that's what they are called originally in Japanese, "Super High School Level X talent". Ultimate is Nisa's translation of
t10067.72017-12-24Bring back Hayato, Miki, and Haruhi, and the game!Why are you blaming me? All I just asked was for source to your dumb claim that your dream VN is an official sequel to V3 (yet somehow features an
t10067.22017-12-24Bring back Hayato, Miki, and Haruhi, and the game!You're not even giving out any kind of sources that it's supposed to be a sequel to V3 so this smells like nothing but a trolling attempt. Also the
t10047.72017-12-24Huniepop--acceptable for VNDB?@5 Not exactly the same thing but I thought a JRPG Wiki would be nice too.
t2108.21952017-12-11Candidates for deletionIrakusa Netoru = Kitayama Kousuke's alias (link)
t9885.72017-11-20asmr tag?All three main Corpse Party games use the binaural tag. I'm kind of sure that 2U also uses it, but I gotta check it out better.
t9753.122017-10-12School Mode@10 From what Kodaka's said in the interviews, he's taking a break from DR but would gladly want to see a new writer attempt on the series. So who
t9753.92017-10-12School Mode>DRV3 not being fully voiced is just silly though. The game's script is literally 4MB in size. I've had fun with V3's minigames more than I did with
t9711.412017-10-01Fuck, we're old!Yush, HBD vndb! >it's 4chan's BDAY today as well Kek.
t2108.21072017-09-29Candidates for deletionKayli Millis. Me being dumb again and not properly checking, but what I thought is it possible to delete the older one considering it has barely any
t3314.11702017-09-27TraitsYeah, I wanna congratulate you for all of the hard work too! Just a heads up, the images in Sex on Roof ain't working.
t2108.20742017-08-29Candidates for deletionKomae Uniko is one of Iwasaki Haruna's aliases (link).
t2108.20692017-08-21Candidates for deletionr52156 I noticed I'd made this unnecessary duplicate at some point, kek.
t9496.22017-08-06Full sisterNo, there's no need for having the parent trait tagged too, it's redundant because the "twin sis/brother" covers the fact that they share the same
t9204.52017-07-29Vol. 1 & 2 - GDIt's the average Frontwing quality - not all that good but not bad at the same time. Besides the script isn't as wacky when compared to the original
t3314.11122017-07-28TraitsShouldn't massage be a non-sexual trait considering the child trait erotic massage is one?
t2108.20452017-07-26Candidates for deletionAccidental dupe.
t9421.92017-07-21So many translations from the company>Suomen pelisivusto on suljettu. FUCK! And those numbers sound so off too! I really wanted to check what kind of quality content™ I could expect from
t9421.42017-07-18So many translations from the company>Flirttistoori Mwahahaha, sounds like a shitty translation. I better check this out someday.