Ore Dake no Idol -eye no Sainou-

俺だけのアイドル -eyeの才能-

TitleOre Dake no Idol -eye no Sainou-
Original title俺だけのアイドル -eyeの才能-
Publishers WitchFlame


The protagonist has an ability to dectect others' special talents. Using his power, he's acquired lots of fame and wealth by introducing people through the internet. One day, he notices his classmate, Yuuri, having the talent of idol. It's also a big talent that could let her become a top idol.

Because he hates being in the center of attention, he never really has a good impression of the idol business. But since Yuuri's talent is such a great one, it's a shame to just let it buried. And so he decides to use his power for good for the first time.

[Translated from Official Site]

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Izumi Tougo和泉 東吾 
Body, Pale, Teen
Role, High School Student

Main characters

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