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v21983.182018-12-08 at 02:20multiLes Quatre AlicesReverse relation update caused by revision v24832.1
v21983.172018-08-25 at 14:42mia1Les Quatre AlicesThe game had been removed from steam since August 3th. link
v21983.162018-07-20 at 11:27trickzzterLes Quatre AlicesAlias from Steam link
v21983.152018-07-19 at 15:08multiLes Quatre AlicesReverse relation update caused by revision v23449.2
v21983.142018-07-19 at 15:03multiLes Quatre AlicesReverse relation update caused by revision v23449.1
v21983.132017-10-19 at 13:19mia1Les Quatre AlicesLe Quattro Alice (italian title) is alias
v21983.122017-10-16 at 16:40mia1Les Quatre AlicesSceenshots of every release
v21983.112017-10-16 at 16:32mia1Les Quatre Alices+ 3 images for the French release (with the English one)
v21983.102017-10-15 at 23:07mia1Les Quatre AlicesDe Fire Alicene = Norwegian Title in Alias
v21983.92017-10-11 at 23:01mia1Les Quatre Alicesgerman title added
v21983.82017-10-06 at 20:27mia1Les Quatre Aliceslink link
v21983.72017-10-06 at 19:24mia1Les Quatre Alicesremoved image
v21983.62017-10-06 at 19:19mia1Les Quatre AlicesAdded screenshot for a character
v21983.52017-10-06 at 18:42beliarLes Quatre Alicesfixed screens, which were removed after the duplicate deletion
v21983.42017-10-06 at 18:41beliarLes Quatre Alicesreference fix
v21983.32017-10-06 at 18:01mia1Les Quatre AlicesScreenshots
v21983.22017-10-06 at 17:36mia1Les Quatre Alicesadded the link from steam
v21983.12017-10-06 at 17:22mia1Les Quatre AlicesAdded the Steam visual novel Les Quatre Alices. (I'm the dev.)
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